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Guidance to Banquet Hall
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A skilled expert adds refinement by producing spaces with various atmosphere according to the scale and type of events and we will do our best with differentiated service for first-birthday party, celebration of 70th birthday, informal wedding ceremony, wedding reception, school reunion, workshop, seminars etc.
The hall provides conveniences for your events with the most advanced sound equipment and ultrahigh-speed wire/wireless internet.
Sound equipment: wire microphone, wireless microphone, CD & Cassette Player transmission(recording available)
DVD, VTR Laptop transmission(Image & Sound), Camera transmission
Beam + Screen are fully equipped.
Inquiry/Reservation : 055)641-1020
Location Area(㎡) Seminar Reception Banquet Table
2F 195㎡ 70persons 200persons 100persons
Menu Price Number of Persons Remark
Buffet 25,000~40,000 More than 60persons Liquor/Beverage not included
Western Food Course 30,000~ More than 20persons Liquor/Beverage not included
Refreshments 12,000~ More than 100persons Liquor/Beverage not included
Cocktail Party 15,000~ More than 80persons Liquor/Beverage not included
  - Cake(Fresh cream. Rice cake): 100,000~ - Balloon decoration(to be discussed) - Photography(1 cut 11×14) : 60,000~  
- Banner : 30,000~50,000 - Ice sculpture : 200,000 - Flower basket(Water glass) : 50,000~
- Band(Trio) : 300,000~ - Set menu : 500,000(First-birthday party/Celebration of 70th birthday) - MC : 300,000~
- Beer/Soju : 4,000 - Beverage : 2,000  
* Banner, water glass, set menu(imitation) are provided free of charge according to the scale of event.


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