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Additional Facilities
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Enjoy your own composure at a comfortable resting place where you can feel the happiness of a cup of coffee. It is a place where you can enjoy meal, coffee, tea, Korean traditional tea, light snacks etc.
You may enjoy coffee(Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Hot Chocolate), green tea, jujube tea, citron tea, tomato juice, kiwi juice, red bean sherbet etc.
Location Occupancy Operating Hours
1F 20seats 07:00~21:00
You may enjoy luxurious Korean and Western styled breakfast. As for Korean Food, hangover soup made of Tongyeong’s fresh seafood is provided and American Breakfast is also available for both Korean and foreign customers.

Menu : Korean Food - Hansando Island Fresh Clams & Seaweed Tang(Soup) ₩12,000
               Western Food - Healthy Breakfast ₩10,000 / American Breakfast Menu ₩13,000
                                 Morning Buffet ₩18,000 (more than 30persons)

Location Occupancy Dining Tim Classification
1F 40seats
07:00~10:00 AM Korean Food, Western Food

It is a place where you may enjoy the highest class traditional Japanese dishes and fresh seafood dishes from clean sea of Tongyeong.
As a place for customers’ successful business with 6 rooms and additional seats, it is also a proper place you can hold a family gathering, meeting between families of bride and bridegroom, fraternity gathering, small scaled event etc.

Tuna sashimi and other sushi are available. (VAT is included in the price.)
Inquiry/Reservation: 055)642-5333 / 010-4711-1788
Location Occupancy Dining Tim Classification
2F 60seats 11:00~21:30 Japanese Food
Classification Description Unit Price Remark
Lunch Special Eorak Table d'hote 20,000 More than 2 persons
Eorak Special Table d'hote 30,000
Sashimi Jin Course 30,000 More than 2 persons
Seon Course 50,000
Mi Course 70,000
Special Dish A Course
100,000 More than 2 persons
B Course
Main Business: Change & reservation of transportation, translation, interpretation, tourist information, meeting room reservation.
Business Guide: Operating Hours : 24 Hours / Location: 1F Lobby / Inquiry Reservation : 055- 641-1020
Business Guide: Location: 3F, DONG GYEONG HOTEL / Operating Hours : 18:00~02:00 / Inquiry Reservation : 055 - 641-1020
A lifting machine capable of parking 30 cars for customers is available.
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